Pool Repair in CT

Pool Repairs and Inspections

Pools, like every other system in your home, can develop issues that need to be repaired. With three decades of pool experience, Aquatic Pool and Spa can identify and fix any problem your pool might develop.

Pool repairs.

Looking for a qualified pool repair specialist in Connecticut? Look no further than Aquatic Pool and Spa. In our 30+ years in the pool business, we’ve seen and diagnosed just about every pool condition possible.

It’s important to maintain pool equipment to keep your pool running properly. Ignoring or postponing pool equipment repair can turn into major expenses and deprive you of its recreational value. We can repair all types of pool equipment for in-ground pools, above ground pools, hot tubs and spas, including freshwater and saltwater systems.

Aquatic Pool and Spa can fix or replace:

  • Pool pumps
  • Chlorinators
  • Salt Generators
  • Filters
  • Pool cleaners
  • Pool heating
  • Controllers
  • Remote cellular automation
pool equipment needing repair
man in scuba gear looking for leaks in pool

Pool inspections.

Home inspection professionals typically have some knowledge of pool systems, but their lack of full-time pool experience limits their ability to provide a thorough evaluation of a pool’s condition and the condition of its equipment.

Our three decades of pool building and maintenance experience allows us to take a pool’s construction and condition into consideration when providing an evaluation. We’ll provide you with the “what” of a pool’s condition, but also the “why” so you can have a clear understanding of any and all remedies and fixes the pool may require; that’s something only a pool expert can determine.

Aquatic Pool and Spa pool inspections include:

  • Evaluation of all pumps, motors and plumbing
  • Electrical and lights

Your pool is one of the largest investments you make in your home, and since we build them, we can evaluate them and fix them!

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