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Types of Pool Renovations

Pools require renovation for a number of reasons, but the most common is aesthetic – to update out-of-style pools, and bring their look and feel up to modern standards. Secondly, old pools require equipment repairs, masonry work, and mechanical upgrades to keep them in working order. Finally, new technology not available when your pool was built can lower energy consumption, lower maintenance, and add exciting new features to your pool.

Aquatic Pool and Spa offers the highest quality and most competitive priced pool renovations in Connecticut.

Renovations of older homes typically lead to renovations of older pools, especially when the project includes updating the home’s yard or adding new landscaping. These pool renovations can be as simple as replacing the pool liner, pool deck or coping, and as involved as replacing the entire pool shell or replastering the entire pool, and can create an entirely new look for your pool.

Older pools frequently require replacement of their aging mechanical systems, like pumps and filters, with more energy efficient upgrades. For example, variable speed pumps use less energy; high capacity filters require cleaning just once a year; energy efficient pool heating systems use much less electricity or gas than their older counterparts.

New pool technology not available when your pool was constructed can modernize it and make your outdoor experience much more enjoyable. Salt/chlorine generators take the guess work out of chlorine dosing and eliminate the need to add chemicals as frequently.  UV water purification systems can kill bacteria, and ozone oxidation is a more powerful disinfectant than chlorine; colored LED lighting is far superior to expensive underwater bulbs and can create dramatic results; finally, remote automation allow users to control a pool’s environment from their mobile device.

Pool remodeling is a special skill that takes experience and knowledge, and Aquatic Pool and Spa has three decades of it. Our experienced pool experts know how to handle the challenges that your pool renovation project will present and we’ll do our best to be completely transparent about your project to help you avoid unexpected surprises.


pool renovation before in Connecticut


A Connecticut pool renovation after
pool renovation taking place in Guilford, CT
after pool renovation in Connecticut
empty above ground pool before renovation
new above ground pool being filled with water
Backyard pool with dirt and algae on bottom before renovation
Clean pool after renovation in backyard


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