Weekly Maintenance, Summerizing and Winterizing

Pools provide relaxation and happiness – but they do require attention and maintenance. Aquatic Pool and Spa can do all the work your pool needs while you enjoy all of the fun it provides.

Weekly pool maintenance.

Regular pool maintenance is a necessity to ensure that your pool runs smoothly all summer long, and for many summers to come. Our pool experts can provide weekly maintenance that will keep your water clean and healthy for your family, and the pool equipment in good working order.

Aquatic Pool and Spa weekly maintenance includes:

  • Water chemistry analysis
  • Clean surface debris
  • Brush steps and walls
  • Vacuum pool
  • Clean skimmer and filters
  • Check and evaluate pool equipment
pool closed during winter
clean pool after pool maintenance

Summerizing / pool opening.

Every pool owner looks forward to opening their pool for the season, and Aquatic Pool and Spa can get your pool in shape and ready for another season of swimming, splashing and fun.

Our professional pool opening services include:

  • Removing winter cover and winterization plugs
  • Checking and starting pool filtration equipment

Winterizing / pool closing.

The ideal time to close your pool for the season is early fall, before freezing weather arrives, and when algae growth has slowed.

Aquatic Pool and Spa pool closing services include:

  • Draining the plumbing lines
  • Winterization of filtration equipment
  • Adding winter pool chemicals
  • Installing the winter pool cover

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