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Gunite & Liner

A building’s most important structural element is its foundation; a pool’s most important structural element is its walls. Aquatic Pool and Spa can install your beautiful new in-ground pool using either gunite walls or vinyl liner walls.

Gunite pools use a construction process where dry mixed concrete is sprayed through a high pressure hose and mixed with water at the nozzle. The gunite is sprayed over reinforcing steel bars that create the pool’s framework and shape. Gunite adapts to the pool form and cures rock hard, forming a thick, solid structure. Gunite can create aesthetically pleasing contours, flowing lines, and a pool of any length, width, and depth you want. Gunite pool designs are only limited by your imagination.

Vinyl liner pools are an inexpensive way to get an in-ground pool. They require less labor because they are assembled using modular steel or polymer panels covered with a vinyl liner. There is no limit on length, width, and depth of vinyl liner pools and Aquatic Pool and Spa can create your vinyl liner pool in any shape or design. Vinyl liner pools can also incorporate design features like benches, sundecks and waterfalls.



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