Hear what our customers think

In the spring of 2014, you and your team designed an in-ground pool for my family.  There were many challenges to overcome during this process including poor soil quality and limited access.  Tom and his team including Rich did an amazing job.  They were always available to answer any questions and they had the resources to meet various challenges.  I just want to thank Tom and Rich for doing such an amazing job.  I would recommend Aquatic Pool & Spa without reservation.

Tom B. North Haven, CT

Aquatic Pools and Tom Laudano constructed a new gunite swimming pool and waterfall that creatively matched the terrain and blended our two properties.  Tom was meticulous in his selection of materials for the waterfall and the pool mechanicals.  Communication with us, our builder and landscaper was excellent throughout the entire project.   The craftsmanship was of the highest quality.  We are delighted with the result.

Karin and Ed Branford, CT

Dear Tom,

Last year my husband and I decided to put an in-ground pool in and also purchase a separate Hot Tub Spa.  Once we decided to move ahead with our plan we then had to decide which company to make our investment with.  We chose your company, Aquatic!

When you choose a company of course you consider their product but the unforeseen factor that can make the purchase a positive experience or a reoccurring nightmare is their service!!  Service is probably even more important than their product, because it distinguishes a company from their competition.  It also becomes a reflection of the company’s standards, their culture so to speak.

At this point several months after the purchase of our pool, I probably have dealt with most associates on your staff.  I can tell you that my experience dealing with each and every one has been a positive one.  They have always treated me with respect and professionalism and whatever the issue at hand is, they are responsive and resolve it quickly!  For me this is the piece that is invaluable.  We love the pool and the spa is great but it is the service that will inspire me to spread the word about Aquatic.

Thank you and your team for recognizing what so many competitors today miss, that the customer (client) and the service you provide become the foundation of a successful company and without it their future will always be short lived.  Congratulations, you guys get it !!

Gail (North Haven, CT)

Dear Tom,

Building a house has been a long and arduous process, one I don’t think I’ll ever undertake again.  I have had a problem with every contractor trying to cut corners, slip in extras, not showing up, shoddy craftsmanship, the gamut.  I have had a problem with every contractor except one, “The Pool Man”.

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my pool.  Every promise you made you kept.  The product was as you described, you were there when you said you’d be there, you finished my job before moving on to the next and any problem you encountered you corrected.  I was lucky to have my father at the job site overseeing all the work being performed.  What impressed me the most is how meticulous he told me you were.  He said you spent an extra couple of hours getting a corner exactly how it should be when most contractors would have said that’s good enough and moved on.  My dad, being an old craftsman himself, has disappointedly told me that all the craftsmen are gone but after watching you work he said “There’s a man who takes pride in his work”.  You should be commended on your staff; Julie and the others were always very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.

I welcome you to use me as a reference.  Your customers can call me and feel free to bring potential customers to my house to look at your product.  I tell friends building, don’t use my excavator, don’t use my plumber, etc but you have to use my “Pool Man”.  It was refreshing to finally do business with someone with integrity.  I’ll never build another house, but if I buy one and I need a pool.  You’re the man.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Your Present & Future Customer,

Frank (Wallingford, CT)

Dear Tom and Staff,

My husband and I have used your services since you first opened your store in Northford.  I thought that I would use you because you were near my house, buy that I probably would be paying more for the convenience.

Over the years you have repaired my existing hot tub and in ground pool.  We upgraded the hot tub and bought one from you about eight years ago and most recently replaced the liner in the pool.

Since the first day I walked into your store, I have never been disappointed.  The staff KNOWS what they are talking about.  I don’t waste time and money on bad advice.  You show up on pre-arranged days.

We both want to let you and your staff know how pleased we are with your service.  You can purchase pools and hot tubs anywhere but sooner or later you will need service.  If you can’t get good service any savings on the initial investment are lost.

Karen and Frank (Northford, CT)

Dear Tom,

Now that the pool season has officially ended, we want to thank you for all your planning time, superior effort, and expertise in making our pool an outdoor oasis!  We appreciate your logical solutions and calm demeanor especially when you encountered many difficulties while renovating our pool.  You responded to these difficulties in an extremely professional manner and solved each one using your vast experience and knowledge.

We never thought how much the 11 foot stairs would enhance our pool and surrounding area.  Not only has it helped all our guests get in and out of the pool easier, but each party it was the hang out place!  The extension of the patio near the stairs is our new summer entertaining area, as we socialize with family and friends.  We just sit on the pool stairs and let the jets shoot bubbling water around us as we enjoy our conversations and summer drinks.

Furthermore, you employees are hard working, efficient, accommodating, and very nice.  We also enjoyed their cooperative spirit.  We anxiously wait for the spring so we can begin swimming daily in our newly renovated and heated pool.  Thank you for taking care of all our pool needs.

Carol and Scott (Branford, CT)

We would like to thank you for the great job your guys did with the pool.

Also, thank you for all the personal time you gave us with the project. Emailing you with questions or concerns was a big comfort during the entire process. For that, we would like to thank you again!

We will definitely recommend you!

Krystyna from Killingworth

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the terrific job you and your team did in getting my pool system straightened out. After my previous experience with pool installers and maintenance companies, it was terrific to finally meet a dedicated and professional team who were only interested in making sure the job was done right and the customer was satisfied. Personally, I enjoyed working with you and your dedication in fixing situations created by others. Your honesty in what you discovered, what it would take to fix the problems and then complete follow through has made me a committed customer to Aquatic Pools.

The valving for the pool and spa and the controls work exactly as you and I discussed at the beginning of the project. I finally have the functionality that was supposed to be provided by others when the spa, heater and control system were originally installed. Thanks again for the outstanding professionalism of your team and your dedication to the customer.

Michael (Old Lyme, CT)

We hired Tom Laudano and Aquatic Pool & Spa to install our built-in swimming pool & patio. The pool and patio are gorgeous and exceeded our expectations. Tom and his crew were so reliable and accomplished we also hired them to landscape the entire area surrounding the pool, to construct a new split level deck, to hand-build a stone staircase and to convert our basement into a pool-side bar/living room. We knew that Aquatic Pool & Spa had a perfect rating by the BBB and had repeated outstanding recommendations from past customers, so we expected consistent, quality work but we got so much more than that. The quality of the construction is impeccable and breathtakingly beautiful. Tom Laudano is a pleasure to work with, always courteous and responsive but he also cares about what you think and isn’t satisfied until you are! The entire project moved flawlessly and our back yard is a luxury oasis thanks to Tom and Aquatic.

Tom and Lisa from Branford, CT


Wish we had been more diligent taking pictures of the pool area along the way but this still captures the process. It looks simply amazing out there. We will be locking the kids up to keep them out of the pool until you give the all clear. Cannot wait until the whole thing is together. Your vision and suggestions have been spot on throughout this process. You and your team of workers have been THE BEST hands down of any people we have ever used (across 9 homes) to do work for us. They are respectful, hard working, detail oriented, and simply magicians at their different specialities. The guys are out there right now, early on a Saturday, putting finishing touches on the liner and water is all in.

We love you all and tell everyone to use Aquatic.

Al and Jeanette


Last summer when my wife and I were researching the possibility of putting a pool in, we looked at all the companies around where we live. We spoke in person to several of them. None of them really thrilled us. We found your company/website online and I gave you a call. You were further away but you drove all the way out here to meet with us and take a look at our property. Within about 10 minutes of talking to you I knew that IF I was going to put a pool in, your company was going to be the company I would use. It was the best decision I could have made. I attached a few pictures of the pool and patio with this email. We’re really happy with how it all turned out! We had a bunch of people over this weekend and everyone swam and hung out on the patio the entire time.

Tom, if you decide to use this email on your website, or when talking to another prospective customer, let me say this: To Whom It May Concern, if you’re considering putting a pool and patio in your backyard and you’re nervous about finding the right company for the job, I can’t recommend Tom Laudano and Aquatic Pools highly enough! Tom is an awesome guy to work with. A total professional that knows exactly what he’s doing. He answers his phone when you call with questions. If he doesn’t answer, he calls back right away. He’s carries himself with a calm, professional demeanor at all times. He comes when he says he’s going to come. The work is completed when he says it will be completed, and they follow through on everything. Not to mention the people he has working for him. Every person I dealt with from the company was courteous and professional. The construction crew, the service team, EVERYONE! I think most people would be nervous about undertaking a big project like putting a pool in and all the time and money that goes with it. You want to make sure you’re using the right company and the right person for the job. I’m telling you, if you have those reservations, and you just want to know that you’re going to be working with a reputable, great company, look no further than Tom Laudano and Aquatic Pools. You’re guaranteed to be happy with the end result.

Josh Tiven

Your company has been plowing my driveway all winter, and I would like to compliment and thank the gentleman who has been doing it. I’m not certain if it is always the same driver; however, using this morning as an example, instead of plowing over my newspaper, he courteously picked it up first and leaned it against my unplowed driveway. He plowed half the driveway, moved the cans over to the plowed side, and finished up the other half when he could have just plowed around them.

Please extend my appreciation to him for going above and beyond.