Dear Tom,

Now that the pool season has officially ended, we want to thank you for all your planning time, superior effort, and expertise in making our pool an outdoor oasis!  We appreciate your logical solutions and calm demeanor especially when you encountered many difficulties while renovating our pool.  You responded to these difficulties in an extremely professional manner and solved each one using your vast experience and knowledge.

We never thought how much the 11 foot stairs would enhance our pool and surrounding area.  Not only has it helped all our guests get in and out of the pool easier, but each party it was the hang out place!  The extension of the patio near the stairs is our new summer entertaining area, as we socialize with family and friends.  We just sit on the pool stairs and let the jets shoot bubbling water around us as we enjoy our conversations and summer drinks.

Furthermore, you employees are hard working, efficient, accommodating, and very nice.  We also enjoyed their cooperative spirit.  We anxiously wait for the spring so we can begin swimming daily in our newly renovated and heated pool.  Thank you for taking care of all our pool needs.

Very truly yours,

Carol & Scott (from North Branford)

Carol & Scott