I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the terrific job you and your team did in getting my pool system straightened out. After my previous experience with pool installers and maintenance companies, it was terrific to finally meet a dedicated and professional team who were only interested in making sure the job was done right and the customer was satisfied. Personally, I enjoyed working with you and your dedication in fixing situations created by others. Your honesty in what you discovered, what it would take to fix the problems and then complete follow through has made me a committed customer to Aquatic Pools.

The valving for the pool and spa and the controls work exactly as you and I discussed at the beginning of the project. I finally have the functionality that was supposed to be provided by others when the spa, heater and control system were originally installed. Thanks again for the outstanding professionalism of your team and your dedication to the customer.

Michael from Old Lyme